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Digital Election Campaign


Promote your political party with Digital Election Campaign. Web Dakaar goes with you each step of the way for your digital election advertising campaign. Winning your campaign or vote is feasible when you strengthen your supporters. We present advertising solutions intended to expand your base in any intention you endeavor.

What we do?

Social Media Marketing:

We work with you to develop your party’s distinctness and diversity on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for the mass to appreciate your great intentions for society.

Email Marketing:

We connect digital advertising with the potential of email marketing to reach more people. Our strategies to better the advance of your promotion in these important last hours assists your perception to the public.

Voice Calls:

We serve by a direct voice calling to win out your competitions in the race to win the election. With our ability, reaching your relevant audience at the correct time is easier.

SMS Marketing:

We market your objectives through SMS to reach the most suitable individuals to get their immediate attention. We deliver the message to the public in a well-defined and informative way.

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