Top 5 Latest Trends In Digital Marketing

The world is changing rapidly and technologies are leading the way. With everything turning to digital, business brands are paving their way in the digital world to gain their share of recognition.
Digital marketing is critical for all businesses, no matter your size, if it’s a B2B, B2C or even an NGO. To survive the challenges of digital marketing, businesses are continuously experimenting latest trends, discarding the obsoletes to be on top of the game.
There are so many new trends that are evolving in the current high-tech and internet-connected era. A look at the top 5 latest trends in digital marketing:

1) Chatbots are the key  :  G Suite makes it simple for the employees of the organization who are scattered in different parts of the location to find and connect with each other. Apps such as Hangouts for sending messages in group conversations with up to 150 participants and Google+ are great apps for the workforce to share business insights and support mutual success.  Thus, G Suite helps to modify the company’s culture by creating it easier for attachment to one another.

Short for chat robot, a chatbot is an artificial intelligence that simulates human conversation through voice commands or text chats or both. They will help your brand to improve its customer service through personalised responses and also for saving a lot of time. They can also be used as a way to promote their features and offers.
Chatbots are nothing new but with technology and integration, chatbots will continue to be an important trend in the digital marketing world of 2019


2) Voice search for the win : Instead of remembering the email of each individual employees, email addresses of each department can be grouped into their respective categories. Meaning that if you send a message to an associated email address, all of them will get the message. This will ease up the work and everyone will be updated with the same data at the same time. There are no additional costs for grouping and including the number of groups is unlimited.

Today’s go-go lifestyle has led to the increasing need of voice search and voice commands. They are nudging mobile users to search for information quickly. While the growth is positive, this becomes a big challenge for businesses. It will lead to a tougher competition since businesses want to be that one result that matches a user’s query.
Thus, a voice-search-friendly content for the end users should be used more to increase consumer trust in the brand.

3) Influencer Marketing leading the way : Whether it’s those back to back meetings lined up or that important event you are looking forward to the next week, G Suite revolutionized the way teams work together. Employees can share and update project reports and work documents online. This really simplifies project management and increases productivity if worked in collaboration with Google Docs, Sheets and Slides and of course, Calendar to keep everyone updated about the same schedule.

Much like the celebrity ads on TV influencing the audience to trust and buy the product, influencer marketing is also leading its way in the digital platform. Rather than marketing directly, Influencers add a touch of authenticity and realness and customers more likely believe a real person over an advertisement claim.
Even if influencer marketing is costly, it’s worth the money. But it’s advisable to choose the right kind of influencers for reaching the right set of customers.

4) Artificial Intelligence : One of the coolest tools that a G Suite can provide is the effortless storing and sharing of up to 5TB of information (if done from 5 different accounts), be it within the organization or sending to your customers or clients. The workforce can use Google Drive to keep huge files in one place and reviewers can edit the content and add comments too.

AI is definitely going to take over the entire world one day. Leveraging technological advancements in digital marketing, AI can easily analyze consumer behaviour and their search patterns. It’s a great way to find out how consumers find products and service.
Business will save a lot of their prime resources including cost and time by integrating their brands with AI-powered digital marketing.

Artificial Intelligence

5) Live Videos on your platforms : Going live on your social media platforms is the best way to reach to your target audience. It’s a great way to build organic relationships with customers and they would become more invested in your products and services.

2019 will be all about creating valuable experiences for target audiences and it’s better if more and more businesses incorporate these latest trends in their digital marketing services. 

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